Who are we?

WildGames initially started as a gaming company in 2017, as our projects succeeded we gained knowledge and started to venture into other projects. After we expanded into other fields such as social platforms being one of our successful adventures. In 2019, we officially started providing development services to other projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project which you want to turn into reality. We have done work for various communities and social platforms, we believe we are one of most versalite companies out of there.

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Our Services

We provide all kinds of development services to your software or social platform


Custom Software Development

Do you require custom solutions? We have experienced developers which are knowledgeable enough to work with creative projects


Software Integration

We can integrate existing solutions which require some sort of integration such as API.


Six Months Support

We always offer support to our products 6 months after purchase, due to this you can safely purchase new solutions for your business.


Sales & Tax Accounting

We also offer an accounting platform for your website, this way you can keep track of the taxes and sales. The ability to easily export Q1-Q4 for accounting purposes.

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